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  •  You wonder if all the hard work is worth it. 
  •  The industry standards aren't working for you. 
  •  You hate dealing with the money part and wish you could just focus on the creative aspects of your floral business. 
  • You need the nuts and bolts of what works. 
  •  You wonder how long you can stay in this industry while making so little.
  • You are burnt out and overworked.
Pricing knowledge and how-to-increase- sales are top requests at Curious Lola.
You need clear and real information about what it takes to build a profitable company that can last.

I get the heart-filled issues that we face and the obstacles we place in front of ourselves. I will help you get past these.  

I'm Emily Ellen Anderson, top educator at Curious Lola and Founder at Lola Creative, an award-winning event design / floral company in the Pacific Northwest.

I've grown my floral design business to multiple six figures and want to share with you the exact tools and know-how I use to plan, design, and track our finances.  AND STAY PROFITABLE.

Our success is directly a result from these tools we've made and optimized for you here. 

I cannot wait to guide you through this process and look forward to what it does for your company and your hope for the future.  
You didn't become a floral designer to get rich. 
But the level of effort that goes into a floral business can leave you burnt out if there's not enough coming back to YOU!

"You CAN build a profitable floral business that supports itself and YOU with abundance." 

But the standards and even those recommended percentages and margins don't work for you. 

Still your pricing remains a mystery
and the success of your floral business remains out of reach. 

You wish someone would just take you by the hand, give you real tools, and 
guide you through a strategy that works for your company. 
A five week, online course AND suite of "READY-FOR-YOUR-DATA" financial spreadsheets and planners. 
You will design a floral business that is totally aligned with YOUR definition of success. 
You will have total clarity and confidence in PRICING and your own unique pricing structure. 
You will know who your ideal client is and how to get their attention.
"You gave me that, "Yes, I can do this!" feeling that's so rare and so valuable. 
Thank you for turning on that light! "  
                                                       - Chantal G.
"Oh wow Emily, can you imagine the work, time, emotional stress you’ve saved me in sharing your fantastic insight and knowledge?!!!! Yes I know you must but I’m jaw drop in awe!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!! "
                                        - Amanda

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You will also get the 'For the Love of Profit' guide for free

It will not only show you some ways to diagnose your own biz, but get you ready for this course!
Q: Do you look at my own individual situation?
A: We have no access to your data nor do we specifically do your strategy for you.  This is a self study course. You WILL however be able to ask questions in our weekly live Q&A portion that occurs twice a year around launch of this course. You will also be able to ask questions to me and your peers in a private facebook group. 
Q: Do you offer live workshops for this?
A: No we are only offering this course in an online training format. However many of these subjects will be taught in person at the Whidbey Island Workshop held by Tobey Nelson Events. in April . (It's in Washington State:)
Q: Will I be able to give this to my bookkeeper?
A: These spreadsheets are for your use only. Though they are licensed to you forever,  they are protected by copyright and are not transferrable to any other person. The tools are intended for you to plan and carry out yourself. There is one spreadsheet (the profitability report) that is intended for you to pass off to an assistant should you need assistance with tracking job by job success. 
Q: I just started my business. Will I be able to use this? 
A: Yes, although the more data you have, the more you will get out of this program and faster. It's particularly well suited for those who have been in business 1-3 years. 
Q: I’ve been in business 10 years, is this going to tell me something I don’t already know?
A: YES! You are sitting on a wealth of data that will allow you to really analyze what has been working for you and what has not. You can start to pinpoint improvements and start working toward specific goals. You will also benefit from the monthly cashflow dashboard that will tell you which months are abundance and which could use more income to further allow you to optimize your marketing. 
Q: I am upside-down with my company. I mean, I AM IN DEBT! Will this work for me?
A: Yes. If you are in debt or upside down, then you know significant changes need to happen. This program will show you what changes need to be made. 
Q: Does this course tell me how to get more sales?
A: In a way yes! We help you delve down to really identify what you are trying to do, and who you are trying to target. This work is really going to improve your marketing efforts to laser beam focus. 
Q: What is my X Factor?
A:  X factor is one of the metrics you will discover as you go through the program. It is unique to your business and determines how much you would need to mark up ALL of your cost of goods on a project in order to meet your business needs. It is the basis in determining what measure you need to take in your pricing strategy and how much work you need to take on.
Q: What is the format of the lessons?
A:  The lessons come in video or written format with a follow along printable guide and workbook. The tools are a set of spreadsheets in both Excel and Google Sheets formats. 
Q: Can I take this course if I don’t know excel or google sheets?
A:  You can but you will need to first prep by taking an online training in basic spreadsheet function. They are free and you will learn quickly. The spreadsheets are designed in a way where you will need to do minimal work. Mostly just data entry. We have some resources for you to learn this once you sign up.
Q: Do I need to be good at math?
A:  NERP. the math is done for you in spreadsheets. BUT you must have a willingness to understand your financial numbers. 
Q: May I share this with a colleague?
A:  No. This product, training, and features are solely for your use and cannot be shared with others. 
Q: If I grow and I need to re-assess my company finances, will I be able to use this again?
A:  Yes! You will be able to use these tools for your company forever and will have access to any future updates. 
Q: Does this course include any templates and resources for how to order flowers, and make recipes?
A:  Yes. This course includes resources and spreadsheets that show you how WE order flowers, document recipes, and keep our flower quantities in line. It is not a standard way of doing it- just how it works in OUR company. This is included not as the main content but in the bonus section.
Q: Do you demonstrate how this whole process works? 
A: Yes, we walk through a previous year’s finances for my business (Lola Creative) and show a number of pricing demos.. 
Q: In the weekly Q&A, if I have a question, will people know that it is me? 
A:  Our live calls are online in a private group. You will have the option to have your image viewable otherwise you will be seen as your first name. All questions are anonymous and you will not be identified on our live calls.